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Welcome to your safe space. We all need friendly and professional guidance some time to time, to change what is not working for us anymore and improve our quality of life, even and especially when that means starting again from the roots and focusing on our spiritual growth and practical solutions.


I am an internationally certified Life Strategist and Transformational Coach who works with women just like you. My goal is to awaken your unique and authentic potential. so you can explore ways to significantly improve your life.

I connect practical strategies and techniques for ‘real-life challenges’ and your life growth while offering even more profound insight, and intuitive guidance to a more conscious and meaningful life with an energy-shifting awareness.

I help you to create mind-body-spirit integrity. Build a strong mindset in order to cope with fear, powerlessness, stress, and changes effectively. I support you on the journey of understanding your own energy blockages, patterns, beliefs, and programs and teach you to shift them while connecting with your heart and intuition much more. Most of all I assist you in building holistically the life you both want and need.

Keep it simple & let it flow!

Some people need more strategical approach and practical tools to improve their quality of life. Others need more spiritual insight to grow and progress in life. I like to recognize your individual needs and tailor the guidance to you, your circumstances and experience, so you can discover your full potential and power, build integrity and fulfillment - holistically and effectively.

Master the art of

Conscious Living

There are times when you can feel powerless, overwhelmed, frustrated, and not completely happy in general. Maybe you are unsatisfied with your business/work life, love life, physical or mental shape, or the quality of your family life, and relationships. Each day you hope that things will get better; that someday you will have the life you dream of. Hope though is not a strategy. And your life is complex so you need to fit all the puzzles together to enjoy your journey fully. You can learn how to use the strategies that will make your life simpler and happier!

Conscious living is about taking control of your life, making conscious choices and decisions, rather than making them automatically without thought. It is about self-awareness. It’s about having a life that we want rather than settling for the one that befalls us. I help you to set the strong base for your transformation and then guide you on how to use your own potential, shift energy and align it with your heart and soul calling. Together we will build your integrity, confidence, and inner peace to create an exceptional life; to shine your brightest light, just like you are designed to do. 

Art of Life Guide

‘Art of Life Guide’ is about mastering your self-awareness and self-development, integrity, and the art of conscious living. Step by step I guide you in how to trust your heart and the journey of your soul. At the same time, you can learn how to shape and use your rational mind to support the life you both want and need, in daily situations.

What is Transformational Coaching?

As a Life Strategist, certified by Tony Robbins, I work with Ericksonian therapy, transpersonal psychology, and several strategies like Six Human Needs Strategy, Non-Violent Communication, simple stress management techniques, NLP, confidence, and relationship-building tools; to help you start your transformation. As a soul guide, energy healing practitioner, and ‘Art of Life’ transformational coach – therapist, I use my wisdom, great intuition, creativity, and experience to select from, and add to, those strategies to create the perfect transformation and life strategy solution for YOU.


Focus Goals

Be happy not because everything is good, but because you can see the good side of everything which helps you grow

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