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1-1 or group coaching/education

Embrace and enjoy life’s potential consciously

It is all-important to your life peace and fulfillment. That is why with the holistic approach we will take it all to the next level with new strategies tools and most of all with guiding you on your journey to self-improvement through self-awareness and building your integrity.

I am crazy passionate to help you to clarify what do you need in your life more to enjoy it to the full. Then I will teach you how to connect with yourself more, raise your vibrations and energy, get unstuck, and create the life you want to have.

Book your 20 min FREE (phone or skype) discovery session here. So you can recognize how I can help you. Also, I can recognize if we are a good match for such a powerful and intimate service. I want to be sure that you really wish to go on that journey. Just take the first step and contact me, and I will guide you further.

Training – Self Improvement – Workshops

My training and workshops are always tailored to a particular audience. Please contact me today, so I can recognize what you need and help guide you on your journey towards self improvement and and a happier life. I am connecting transformational life coaching and innovative ‘Art of Life’ methodology based on energy work, transpersonal psychology, Ericksonian therapy, NLP, and life strategies from Tony Robbins’ school for Strategic Interventionist. I can also provide a Tarot/Angels card reading to support intuitive insight for my client’s benefit. I like to support you both strategically and spiritually on your life journey exploration. Contact me today if you are serious to take responsibility for own life happiness, success and fulfillment (health, wellbeing, relationships, business, passion, awareness, more conscious living, family life, harmony, love, joy, peace of mind, social life, abundance)!


(private or company)

Progress is the key element to our success and fulfillment. We might have everything and feel empty or/and not fully happy and effective. We might not know what do we really need or want. Or we are stuck in the situation and forgot how to move the flow of energy and resourcefulness. We can work it out together!

Transformational coaching and life strategy

'Art of Life' - individual 1-1 sessions and group workshops

“After spending most of my life believing that I had to put aside my own needs to take of others, I finally realized that I do not have to choose between being self-compassionate and compassionate to others.” Clarify your needs and dreams. Awake your full potential. Know and trust yourself more. I will guide you to enjoy life to the fullest!


Shape your mental and physical health. Practice communication, adaptation to changes, flexibility, energy flow during individual hike and forest bath in stunning Slovenian nature.

Come to visit beautiful Slovenia and charge your battery in nature while having a deep professional insight and intuitive coaching advice on the way.

1-On-1 Premium Coaching


Package 1

  • 6 x 50min weekly sessions

Package 2

  • 4 x 50min intensive coaching

Package 3

  • 1 x 2h intensive consultation






FREE GIFT: ‘Art of Life Guide’ ebook with any of the chosen packages.

Transform Your life

Everyone can improve life with more conscious living. Everyone should know how to keep it simple and create an exceptional life you will enjoy to the fullest. I will guide you on that journey!

Manage Your Energy & Time

Everyone needs time just for themselves, as well as for others. Being stuck, stressed out, permanently exhausted, depressed, procrastinate, not enjoying your life indicates energy flow blockages or/and poor time management. I will help you to improve it!

Do you need a life strategist?

Let me teach you the practical life strategies for life improvement while guiding you to the mind, heart, soul integrity, and the power of conscious life. If you’re feeling scattered, powerless, preparing for a major life change, or feel that there must be something more to life, I can help!

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