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Corona/Covid-19 virus – good news!

This situation we are all in right now is not something we know from our lifetime, at least not for such a big scale. So it is natural to feel uncomfortable, feel fear or anxiety. We are trying to put everything back together as we know it, and wait for the situation to go back to ‘normal’. Especially that we miss socializing more and more every day. And we might already start to feel like someone or something is taking our freedom away. And so many people are scared or frustrated. But so many are really happy about what is happening right now – looking at it from a bigger perspective of course.

So what is happening right now? Why it is happening? What can I do in these uncertain times to evolve? Where are you with your feelings right now?

In my opinion, this is not only a virus pandemic. And we would miss the point of what is happening right now if we wait for things to go back to normal. This is the time of change. This is time to learn the lesson and learn how to adapt wisely. The best time which might help humanity to understand certain things:

  • *We are all equal. See what is happening all over the world now-rich, poor, famous, homeless, black or white, gay or straight-all people regardless ‘label’ are in the same position and treated equally by this DIS…ease.
  • *We are all connected if we like it or not. What has an impact on one, affects others in many ways as well. We are in one energy field and this lesson is a reminder that we are not separated like some wished to be due to the political, economic or other ego dictated reasons.
  • *Our health and helping each other is what we should focus on, so to have a much better quality of life. Instead what was happening in many places on Earth till now, is people who didn’t care anymore what and how they are eating or what they are spending money for. Forgetting about empathy and compassion for other living creatures completely.
  • *Your family and good relationships and essentials like healthy food, clean water, and energy sources produced in alignment with our host-Mother Earth, is what we should dedicate our energy to. We have to rethink what is worth our attention and intelligence input. Not everything we can have or do is what is beneficial for humanity in general. So maybe it is time to broaden our horizons. The luxury we used to have with more and more stuff we do not even need, is not important for our collective benefit and never will be! Nature likes SIMPLICITY.

I could go on and on about what is happening right now, but I think you already can get a point!

So why it is happening?

Well, I am not a doctor or a scientist and definitely, I do not know everything. I am a mum of two, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and Life Transformational Guide. And I am a Conscious Living passionate and Nature Advocate, who is study and practice wellbeing and quantum physics in real life, for many years now. And my understanding which you might or might not agree with is that we-humanity are being reminded about what is important, how we can thrive instead of just trying to survive. We are reminded to take care of our health, good food, clean water and each other. As nothing else matters and is just adding to the lifestyle which leads so many to nowhere. We neglected our families so we could earn more and more and spent more and more. We forgot to always think about how much we exploit Planet Earth with our DAILY CHOICES. How brutally and massively we kill animals. Not because we are starving but because we are so bored that we eat more and more and we eat whatever or we just kill for fun. How many trees we cut and forests we destroy as our consumption style demands more and more paper to be produced. How many clothes, furniture, devices we just throw away only because we are bored with it and not even think about recycling or repairing. And then we expect to find more and more beautiful untouched places to visit, so we can take a nice photo from our perfect holidays. Without even appreciating, feeling or tasting the place at all. Or without met, understand and respect locals who are part of the place. And then we just tick the next destination on our lists. We are reminded that the answers we are looking for, and the solution to so many depressions or lack of meaning in life, are not outside where so many of us are desperately looking for. They are all inside of us already. We just need to remind how to LISTEN. And then how to simply apply what we heard inside, not everything that we hear outside.

What do you feel right now and what can I and you do in uncertain times to evolve?

  • First stop! Stop watching TV news and listen to the radio. Stop browsing the internet and social media even for one day.
  • Do you feel ok with it? Do you know what to do now? How to rethink and revalue your relationships, which in times like now you have space to take care of?
  • You have probably more time to look at your health and stress level witch. You can observe yourself, and listen to what your body is telling you. Instead of running to the doctor and taking a bunch of pills because it is a quicker solution to your symptoms (but not the solution to the source of disease). Maybe you have more time now to cook your meals and think that you are what you eat. So it is worth spending time and energy thinking about what it is exactly. What your body and mind need. Maybe you have time to rethink that actually what makes you happy is helping and taking care of others, even if you have the comfort of not doing anything else in life. Maybe you have time to stop and sit in silence and learn your mind and body that this state is natural. More natural than being busy all the time. And this state is the best solution to your body, mind and spirit health. Instead of killing it with more outside noise and tasks. Which, in most case scenarios, are only killers to the most beautiful pure human experience of ‘just’ BEING. Maybe you have time to remind yourself how to trust yourself more and decide to take responsibility for your own life, and also the collective good. Yes, please feel free to dare to think about your potential this way. Your decision matters more than ever! And obviously, we need to think about how to connect modern technology or medicine achievements with reducing significantly things which we do not need in life. Which kills our inner light, kills our planet and other livings because we think only about ourselves instead of thinking about COLLECTIVE GOOD. I have my free will and I have a choice.

YOU HAVE A CHOICE right now! And it will add up to how we/humanity recover from this experience. We can get over it! Doing one step at the time if we learn our lesson, and think about why we felt over so hard this time. Or we will not learn or DECIDE TO CHANGE anything, and this lesson will be more and more painful for everyone.

So what exactly have you decided to change in your daily life, starting from TODAY?

Please share this article if you see the value in it. Or please contact me if you need support and guidance in these exceptional times. Or in taking your life to the next level, by being reminded of your own potential, wisdom, and strength at this moment and every other moment of your life.

All the best

Anya Piatkowska

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