I am an internationally certified Life Strategist and Transformational Coach, who works with women just like you: on how to take life to the next level, connect with yourself more, increase your energy and simply get unstuck and enjoy life to the full. I created the @Art_of_Simple_Life_Managment model to support you with your personal and professional growth. Combining very effective strategies with teaching you to be more creative, intuitive and aligned with your hearts energy and mind potential, you will definitely learn how to use this model in your own life’s circumstances. The holistic approach will not only improve one area of your life but will have a positive impact on each component sphere of your life. Mind potential, heart energy, and spirit have to be aligned to achieve great health, healthy relationships, personal and professional happiness, success and life fulfillment. So that is why we aim to master the art of life while working together.


There are times when you can feel overwhelmed, frustrated and not fully happy. Maybe you are not fully happy with your business/work life, your love life, your physical or mental shape, or the quality of your family life. Each day you hope that things will get better, that someday, you will have the life you dream of. But hope is not a strategy. And you can learn HOW to use strategies, which will make your life simpler and happier! You can also learn how to use your own mind potential; align with your heart; build up confidence and improve energy-flow to create wonderful changes in your life. And to be the light which shines its brightest LIGHT.


My clients and my personal life experience have shown me that we all have the resources we need to change things. But sometimes we need professional help or let’s say a good friend/guide with an objective eye and the right tools, to clear away the clutter and unlock the potential and happiness secrets that lie deep within us. This is the intervention moment, your moment of ‘resource release’.


As a Life Strategist, certified by Tony Robbins, I work with a number of strategies like: Six Human Needs Strategy, Non Violent Communication, Elevation Strategy, NLP, confidence and relationship building tools. As a Reiki practitioner, mind potential and heart energy guide, I use my great intuition, creativity, and experience to select from, and add to, those strategies to create the perfect interventionist solution for YOU. Which I will guide you through, and teach you how to use it on your own as well. Learn the skills for life TODAY!


I want you to say ‘yes’ to taking your life to the next level, increasing your energy and getting exactly what you want in life in this unique way.

And not waste even one more day of your life for living without awareness of your mind potential, energy flow and without being fully aligned with your heart to create the best life for yourself and others you care about.


What my clients say:

Anya has given me a great life and business’ tips, which helped me a lot and was very personalized and accurate for me. What was the most important she has helped me to improve my self-esteem and confidence. Now I can see my life with completely different perspective. I walk with my head up, not down like I used to do, and I am proud of my life and myself. Thanks to Anya I have started to train my children how to be confident and happy. And it works! It was a pleasure to speak with Anya and to be heard with all the focus and understanding she has had for me.
I met Anya Piatkowska and straight away I felt the professional approach. With Anya, after a few sessions, we went straight to the point and she did everything to help me in sorting out my issue in a timely fashion which is really important part in my life as my time cost me a lot. Most of the coaches on the market really should take some lessons from her. Thank you Anya!
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Contact me, so I can help you to transform your life:

“ Be the Woman who creates her own destiny ”

“ The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could ”

“ Hope is not a not a Strategy. Strategies are action based, cheap, uplifting and with no side effects. Get a few for yourself and be the woman you want to be! :-)”

“ Be happy not because everything is good, but because you can see the good side of everything”



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